среда, 23. фебруар 2011.

Sherman M4A3 76

My new project.Italeri Sherman in 1/35.Many of you surely know that this model need some adjustments,like texture on turret.Some modelars are making that with grinder and Mr.surfacer.I tried the other way.Smoth surface of M4A3 Sherman tank
Make sure your brush is wet but not soaked,because it can melt plastic if you put too much nitro thinner.
After that I used sandpaper for texture.As sandpaper bigger it will be a better texture.
Press sandpaper on wet surface of a model and make rough surface.Repeat this process until you get desired results. Primer

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  1. Aha!! That´s how the cast metal effect is done!!!! Thanks for that :-D. I look forward to the rest of the build and painting