уторак, 03. мај 2011.

17pdr Self-Propelled Gun 'Archer' by Bronco Models 1:35 Scale

I started this model one month ago.Very nice model with a lot of details.
Here is some pictures from start building it,till now ( 90% finish)

paints and washes that were used

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  1. Archer looks really fantastic. I would like to know more about acrylic paints you used for that project.

  2. Thank you Julio and Bero.Agama colors are manifactured in Czech Republic and I can say just words of praise.For a first time I`m using it and I can say that I will use them in the future.
    I would also praised AK interactive on their excellent products.For Agama paints would like to thank Jadar Hobbies and www.InScale.org and AK Interactive also www.InScale.org