субота, 16. фебруар 2013.

Soviet T-64 Mod 1972

Soviet T-64 from Trumpeter in 1/35 scale.
It is little hard to work on vehicles that actualy never served in any conflict. This vehicle, or I bettter say, this model from 1972 was only "on guard" in eastern block. Served in maneuvers, but it didn't had any damages, so too much of dramatic look is not possible. I was experimenting with AK Nato set of filters and washes, and I `m happy with the result on Russian vehicles. I hope you like :)

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  1. Wonderful colors Momcha! I love the model! I want to have the same! It's really well done! Perfect chromatic richness! I love it!

  2. Very nice work, please excuse my ignorance but what was the idea behind the hinged plates?

  3. Thank you guys :)

    Mounted plates are fitted along the mudguards (known as the Gill skirt), to cover the top of the suspension and the side tanks. They were however extremely fragile and were often removed.


  4. Thank you for the reply....keep up the great work.