уторак, 03. септембар 2013.

"Step A Side, Boy"

I just finished this one. I wanted to make simple scene from early days of war. T-20 from Mirror Models 1/35. The best on the market at the moment. Everything fits fine. Only thing that make me mad, are tracks. I recommend to all who want to build this model, be very careful when you building tracks. They are highly detailed, but they can easily break, when placing them on their position. I used Value Gear universal set for details Anyway, if you are russian armor builder, this one is great for your collection.

6 коментара:

  1. Классно!
    Только на начало войны погоны не подходят, их ввели к лету 1943.

  2. Thank you very much guys.
    If I understand, these tracks are from 1943? I didn`t know, I thought that they are from beginning of war. I know that Mirror Models are very accurate about their models.

  3. Very nice work, i love your figure painting they all have their own personality. You certainly are cranking out the builds.